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WSJ: Haiti Halts Departure of Orphans
The Haitian government has halted the departure of all orphans from the earthquake-ravaged country until it can guarantee that only legitimate adoptions are being approved, according to U.S. government officials...

WSJ: Evidence of Children Removed From Haiti Illegally
There is evidence that children have been removed from Haiti with no due process at all. Government moves to freeze all removal of children until assurances can be made of orphan status.

Human Trafficking a Concern in Light of Haiti Quake
Haiti was already on the U.S. State Department's special-case list for serious human trafficking problems -- and that was before the recent earthquake.

Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute page
Read the latest news on adoptions.

The Unintended Consequences of Haitian Adoption
As members of the international community, we should be seeking reunification of these children with family members. Taking them out of the country will not only lead to a permanent physical separation but a cultural one as well.

Adopting Children from Haiti, Your Questions Answered
Wondering about how you can go about adopting a child from Haiti? Check out this ABC news story.

How to Fix the Haiti Adoption Process
The chaos of post-earthquake Haiti poses many dangers for children & adoption. How can we help fix this?

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