Adoption Articles

young woman using tablet to research adoption Mardie Caldwell on NBC’s The Today Show 
An interview on NBC’s The Today Show with adoption expert Mardie Caldwell. By getting educated about adoption, you’ll be equipped to separate adoption facts from fiction.

How to Bond With Your Adopted Child 
Some adoptive parents worry about bonding with their baby after an infant adoption. Like many other aspects of parenting, bonding takes work, time, and dedication. Get tips on how to bond with your newly-adopted baby in this article.

Raising Money for Adoption: Where to Start? 
Discover how you can make adoption affordable with this helpful guide of adoption loans and grants to take advantage of!

5 Tips for Staying Motivated While You Wait to Adopt 
Here are five tips for helping military families stay motivated working towards a successful adoption. By following these five tips, military families will be able to overcome some of the specific obstacles that face them during the adoption process.

Interviewing an Adoption Professional 
Regardless of the type of professional you are hiring, there are some essential questions to ask before committing to anyone. Most of these questions apply to both the hiring of attorneys, qualified adoption facilitators, social workers and private agencies.

The Adoption Process is a Walk of Faith 
Adoption is a step of faith. Most people considering becoming adoptive parents face challenges during the adoption process that can only be overcome through a strong belief in their faith in God.