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Are you ready to learn more about adoption? Here are three readings that can start you on the right road to finding the child that is meant for you:

Adoption Tip Sheet

Download a tip sheet to help your adoption journey

  • What should families consider when they are beginning the process?
  • What decisions are most important and need to be made first?
  • Where can I find the information I need to learn about adoption?


This tip sheet offers valuable information for families just
starting out in adoption. Download your adoption tipsheet here.


Intercountry Adoption from A to Z

Download an e-book if you are serious about adopting internationallyThis e-book covers so much! It’s great for families who are seriously considering adopting internationally. You can download this e-book here: Adoption.State.Gov/IntercountryAdoptionFromA-Z



Your Adoption Step-by-Step Guide

Adoption: Your Step-by-Step GuideThis book is a valuable resource for families beginning the
process of their adoption, like making decisions and looking
for adoption professionals.

To use this coupon, visit AdoptionStepByStep.com and use
coupon code 248814 during checkout.

We hope these resources are helpful to you.  Don’t wait another
day — begin the journey to your child today.


Here are some other resources that may help you:

Open Adoption Video
Learn more about open adoption in this short video featuring birth mothers and adoptive parents.

Free Adoption Webinars
Get free, on-demand access to hundreds of webinars about all aspects of adoption, including some with birth parents.

Affording Adoption
We’ve gathered some top tips and resources to help families with the costs of adoption. You can also learn about adoption benefits and tax credits.

Called to Adoption
Mardie Caldwell, Lifetime Adoption’s Founder wrote a book specifically to help people who feel called to adopt.

Free Application to Adopt
Lifetime Adoption’s application is completely free. Take a few moments and share your adoption goals with us!

We care about you, and we are committed to helping you in whatever way we are able as you consider the decisions before you.

All information you share will be kept strictly confidential.